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  • In gratitude, a letter to our granddaughters…

    Dear Cora and Holly,

    On the evening of the day that your Papa and I got engaged, we were walking around a strip mall in Orlando, Florida. It was the only time I’ve ever been in Florida. We were there because Papa’s mother had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. It was in the high emotion and stress of that experience that your Papa and I looked at each other and knew we wanted to handle all of life’s ups and downs side by side with each other.

    So, there we were, wandering around a strip mall in Orlando. We had almost no money in our pockets and not much more in our bank accounts. As I was fretting out loud that there was no way we could afford a wedding, we decided to stop in at a sandwich/bakery shop and spend the few dollars we had in our pockets on a little dessert. We didn’t have enough money for two desserts, so we walked up to the counter and looked over the case of sweet treats for something we could share with each other.

    Your Papa asked me what looked good to me, and I pointed out a cookie that seemed to have all kinds of great stuff like nuts and oats and chocolate in it. A young girl came up behind the the counter and your Papa pointed to the cookie.

    And then she said the following:

    “Would you like it for free?”

    We looked at her silently for a moment, not really understanding if we heard her right. She repeated herself.

    “Would you like it for free?”

    We cautiously said yes, and she said fine, put the cookie on a plate and then turned back to us and asked what else looked good to us.

    Your Papa looked in the case and pointing to tray of cinnamon rolls said he’d like one of those. The young girl looked at us again.

    “Would you like it for free?”

    Again, we looked at her.

    “Would you like it for free?” she repeated.

    Silently we nodded, not quite sure what was happening. She placed the cinnamon roll on a plate and set it on the tray next to the cookie.

    She scooted the tray down to the cash register and asked us if we’d like anything to drink. She rang up our beverages and then handed the tray to your Papa.

    We were still silent as we walked with our tray full of goodies and sat down at a table by the window. We’d come in expecting to share a cookie and instead we’d been provided with a feast.

    I looked at your Papa and as our eyes met we knew we didn’t need to worry about how we were going to pay for a wedding. God had us. All we had to do was keep pointing our lives toward Him, and He would give us what we needed plus so much more.

    Cora and Holly, remember that. In life there will be things you don’t understand. There will be tragedies. But as long as you’re pointing your lives toward God, there is nothing to fear. He will take care of you with an abundance that will take your breath away. It won’t always look like abundance, but rest assured, it will always work out that way.

    Put your lives in His hands and trust.

    Love you both with all our hearts,
    Nana & Papa

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